Yoshina (yoshina1) wrote in malicefreeks,

selling lots of MM stuff incl rare posters

Malice Mizer - pays de merveilles (NTSC VHS)
Malice Mizer - Kyomu no naka de no yuugi ~de l'image~ (NTSC VHS)
Malice Mizer - Saikai no chi to bara ~de l'image~ (NTSC VHS)

Malice Mizer - bara no seidou (album)
Malice Mizer - saikai no chi to bara (single)
Malice Mizer - Kyomu no naka de no yuugi (single)
Malice Mizer - Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo (single)

Malice Mizer Merveilles poster RARE
Malice Mizer Gardenia Poster series

See details, pictures etc at jolli_sells 
There you can also find stuff from other bands incl Moi dix Mois, Gackt...
If you're interested in anything here write an email to yoshina@freenet.de
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